T3UXW09 - The first TYPO3 User eXperience Week

30 attendants for the T3UXW09 have arrived in rural Behringen (Germany) to work on TYPO3's usability for one whole week.

30 hand-picked specializists participating in the T3UXW09

It is saturday the 14th of november. Almost everyone has arrived at the castle in Behringen at around 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon. The castle is barrierfree, which means it is all adopted for disabled people. Although we are not working on accessibility I can safely assume most of the attendants support that. The castle itself is situated in a really nice rural environment. The air is really fresh. A welcome change for city dwellers. The whole castle belongs to the team this week. The network team, that rapidly volunteered, set up the whole wireless environment in a few hours. Punkt.de provided the switches they also use for the TYPO3 conferences. Joey brought a monster PC where he virtualised five servers. One for every team. Supportive tools like SVN, IRC and alike where all set up on this machine with the help of various people. Jens Hoffmann welcomed the attendants a little later in the afternoon and split up the available rooms among the attendants. After that the composition of the different teams was announced.

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